MHW Iceborne Best Bowgun Builds [Top 7] (2024)

Updated: 10 Nov 2020 7:11 am

MHW Iceborne Best Bowgun Builds [Top 7] (1)

Cover Your Face When Hunting

BY: Jordan Privett

Light Bowguns are surprisingly very efficient and boast some of MHW’s highest Raw as well as Elemental/Status Damage using rapid fire volleys of various ammo types. These rapid fire bursts of ammo can deliver up to 2000 damage per 30 seconds. Some skills to be on the look out for are Critical Eye, Weakness Exploit, Attack Boost, Ammo Up, Minds Eye/Ballistics, Artillery, Agitator, Maximum Might Peak Performance and Spare Shot. True Dragonvein Awakening and Brachydios Essence work well for Dps also. Check out all these skills and bonuses in action with these top Light Bowgun builds.

7. Great Jagras Spread Iceborne Beginner Build:

1st Build

Beginner Light Bowgun Builds - Iceborne Amazing Builds - Season 3

What’s Awesome About Beginner Light Bowgun Build:

  • New Player Build
  • Close Range Spread Shot
  • 5pc Great Jagras Set
  • Spread Shot Skill
  • Spread II Ammo
  • Attack Boost, Weakness Exploit, Ammo Up, Critical Boost and Mind’s Eye for Dps
  • Evade Extender, Health Boost, Speed Eating, Free Meal and Recovery Up for Comfort

Build Details:

  • Beo Shooter II
  • Mind’s Eye/Ballistics Prevents Attacks From Being Deflected and Shortens Distance Ammo Reaches Maximum Power
  • Recovery Up Boosts the Amount Restored When Restoring Health
  • Free Meal Give a Chance at Consuming a Food or Drink Item for Free

Armor Set:

  • JagrasHelm alpha
  • Jagras Mail alpha
  • Jagras Vambraces alpha
  • Jagras Coil alpha
  • Jagras Greaves beta
  • Awakening Charm III

6. Adept Stormslinger Most Broken LBG Build

Adept Stormslinger | Most Broken LBG | Guide, Stats, Builds, Math | MHW Iceborne

What’s Awesome About Adept Stormslinger Most Broken LBG Build:

  • Highest Raw Attack Weapon In Game
  • Adept Stormslinger 460 Raw Attack Power
  • Silver Rathalos Essence
  • Critical Eye, Weakness Exploit and Affinity Augment for 100% Crit Chance
  • Built In Weapon Lv 4 Gem Slot
  • High Thunder Ammo Capacity
  • Paralysis Ammo Auto Reload
  • Felyne Heroics Food Skill
  • Rapid Fire Burst Dmg Up to 2000
  • Critical Eye, Thunder Attack, Crit Boost, Weakness Exploit, Ammo Up and Special Ammo Skills for DPS
  • Resentment or Focus Skills

Build Details:

  • 4pc Silver Rathalos Armor
  • Felyne Heroics Gives 35% Raw Damage Boost When Under 10% HP
  • Affinity Increase and Element Up Weapon Augments
  • Silver Rathalos Essence Unlocks True Critical Element (Bonus Crit Strike Dmg)
  • Resentment Boosts Attack When You Have Red Health
  • Focus Increase the Fill Rate/Charge Rate for Weapons With Gauges/Charge Attacks

Armor Set:

  • Silver Solhelm beta
  • Silver Solmail beta
  • Kirin Longarms beta
  • Silver Solcoil beta
  • Silver Solgreaves beta
  • Awakening Charm II

5. Safi’s Aquashot Another Broken Light Bowgun Build

Safi's Aquashot - Another Broken Light Bowgun + Build | MHW Iceborne

What’s Awesome About Safi’s Aquashot Another Broken Light Bowgun Build:

Safi’s Aquashot

  • Sticky II and III, Sleep and Paralysis Ammo
  • True Dragonvein Awakening
  • Very Easy to Use in Combat
  • Target Constantly Flinching, Hardly Attacks
  • 100% Crit Chance Anywhere You Hit
  • Water Attack, Ammo Up, Critical Boost, Resentment, Maximum Might and Spare Shot for DPS
  • Evade Window and Health Boost for Comfort

Build Details:

  • Three Recoil Suppressor and One Power Barrel Weapon Mods
  • Three Attack Increase, Recoil Suppressor and Element Capacity Awakened Abilities
  • Affinity Increase and Element Up Weapon Augments
  • Maximum Might Boosts Affinity When Stamina is Full
  • Evade Window Extends the Invulnerability Period While Evading

4. Non-Guiding Lands Pro Build

MHW Iceborne | Best Safi Sticky Builds (2020 LBG Meta)

What’s Awesome About Non-Guiding Lands Pro Builds:

  • Safi’s Aquashot
  • Sticky Ammo
  • Keep Your Distance While Dishing Out Max Dps
  • Nargacuga Essence and Zorah Magdaros Essence
  • Artillery Lv 5
  • Tremor Resistance and Flinch Free Skills
  • Attack Boost, Slugger and Peak Performance Skill

Build Details:

  • Attack Increase and Health Regen Weapon Augments
  • 2pc Nargacuga and 3pc Zorah Armor
  • Nargacuga Essence Unlocks Spare Shot
  • Spare Shot Gives a Chance Not to Spend Ammo
  • Zorah Magdaros Essence Unlocks Artillery Secret
  • Artillery Strengthens the Sticky Ammo Explosive Attack
  • Tremor Resistance Grants Protection Against Ground Tremors.
  • Peak Performance Increases Attack When Your Health is Full

Armor Set:

  • Nargacuga Helmet alpha
  • Zorah Hide alpha
  • Zorah Claws beta
  • Zorah Spine alpha
  • Nargacuga Greaves alpha
  • Awakening Charm III

Armor Set:

  • Safi Crested Crown beta
  • Safi Crested Chest beta
  • Safi Crested Vambraces beta
  • Safi Crested Belt beta
  • Safi Crested Boots beta
  • Razor Sharp Charm (Spare Shot)

3. High MR LBG Build Rapid Fire 2 and Stick 2

  • What’s Awesome About High MR LBG Build Rapid Fire:
  • Righteous Dumb DPS
  • Blackwing Bowgun I
  • Rapid Fire Pierce and Sticky Ammo II
  • Nargacuga Essence (Spare Shot Skill)
  • Garuga Greaves
  • Critical Eye Skill
  • Mind’s Eye/Ballistics Skill
  • Evade Window Skill

Build Details:

  • Garuga Greaves Has Built In Critical Eye and Great Slottage
  • Critical Eye+ Ammo Up+ Critical Boost+ Peak Performance+ Piercing Shots= RDDPS
  • Mind’s Eye/Ballistic Prevents Attacks From Being Deflected
  • Evade Window Extends the Invulnerability Period While Evading

Armor Set:

  • Nargacuga Helm alpha
  • Nargacuga Mail beta
  • Shara Ishvalda Braces beta
  • Nargacuga Faulds alpha
  • Garuga Greaves beta
  • Awakening Charm II

2. The Alatreon Dominator Elemental Build


  • What’s Awesome About the Alatreon Dominator Elemental Build:
  • Alatreon Dominator
  • True Dragonvein Awakening
  • All Element Ammo has Rapid Fire and Average Recoil
  • Move While Firing and Reloading
  • Resentment, Ice Attack, Ammo Up and Critical Boost Skills for Dps
  • Health Boost and Evade Window for Comfortability

Build Details:

  • 5pc Safi Set
  • True Dragonvein Awakening Boosts Attack, Affinity and Element Dmg
  • Resentment Increases Attack When There is Red Health
  • Critical Boost Increases the Damage of Critical Hits
  • Weapon Augments are All the Way Elemental or Split With Health Regen
  • Weapon Mods are Recoil and Reload

Armor Set:

  • Safi Crested Crown beta
  • Safi Crested Chest beta
  • Safi Crested Vambraces beta
  • Safi Crested Boots beta
  • Razor Sharp Charm

1. Blizzard Gust Light Bowgun Spread 3 and Pierce Ammo Build

The Blizzard Gust Light Bowgun Is Actually Saucy! | Frostfang Barioth LBG Best Builds | Mhw Iceborne

What’s Awesome About Blizzard Gust Light Bowgun Build:

  • 4pc Raging Brachy Armor
  • Agitator and Artillery Secret
  • Spread II and Pierce Ammo
  • Spare Shot and Ammo Up Skills
  • 100% Crit on Wounded Monster Parts
  • Weakness Exploit, Critical Boost, Spread Shot and Attack Boost for Max Dps
  • Health Boost and Divine Blessing for Survivability

Build Details:

  • Recoil and Close Range Mods
  • Agitator Boosts Attack When Monster is Enraged
  • Affinity, Attack and Defense Weapon Augments
  • Agitator and Artillery Secret Raises Each Max Level
  • Spread Shot Increases Power of Spread Ammo

Armor Set:

  • Brachydium Helm beta
  • Brachydium Mail beta
  • Kulve Taroth Rage beta
  • Brachydium Faulds beta
  • Brachydium Greaves beta
  • Razor Sharp Charm I

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When in doubt just farm Deviljo for meta weapons and armor in Monster Hunter World Iceborne.

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MHW Iceborne Best Bowgun Builds [Top 7] (2024)


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