Alterations And Design Milavi (2024)

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  • Alterations & Design Milavi · 397 Boston Post Rd. Milford, CT 06460. Directions · (203) 231-5897. Call Now · More Info. Hours · Known For · From the Business.

  • Specialties: At "Alterations And Design "MILAVI" we strive to gain your trust in the quality of our services through 30 years of tailoring and fashion designing experience. We are recommended by most leading fashion brands.

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  • Alterations And Design By Milavi. hello are you interested in helping me out with a new clothing line and have a opportunity to build a new brand?

  • 5 Faves for Alterations And Design By Milavi from neighbors. Connect with neighborhood businesses on Nextdoor.

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4. Marleta Alteration & Design |

  • What we do. Clothing Alterations Made With Love. One of the ways Marleta Alteration and Design stands out among the rest is the design aspect.

  • We transform your garments into one of a kind pieces

5. Design & Alter - London's Leading Alteration and Tailoring services

  • High-quality clothes alterations & tailoring for clients who are passionate about fashion and style. We work for retailers and fashion brands.

6. Alterations — LEIREN DESIGNS

  • We offer exceptional tailoring services to help you achieve that custom-made look. From making an off-the-rack dress fit like it was made for you, adding ...

  • Alteration Services

7. Wedding Dress Alterations and re-design - Sew Passion Inc

  • Wedding Dress Alterations is a matter that must be taken seriously because it is once in a lifetime event. See how to go about it and what to look for if ...

  • Wedding Dress Alterations is a matter that must be taken seriously because it is once in a lifetime event. See how to go about it and what to look for if you are in that possition

8. Geneva Lake Alterations & Design - Lake Geneva Seamstress, Bridal ...

  • Lake Geneva based clothing alteration services including bridal/formal.

9. Shirley's Designs & Alterations by Veda Ambeau- Grand Lake ...

  • Shirley's Designs & Alterations by Veda Ambeau is a locally owned and operated Alteration business in Oakland, Ca.

10. Design by B

  • Custom fashion design & alterations for the aisle or the boardroom. Head designer and founder Brooke will inspire you to be your most confident self. Her ...

11. By Design | Great Rivers & Routes

  • ... Design offers fiber classes teaching courses on knitting, sewing, alteration, and hat-making! Lillian's designs can be found in the shop, as well as fabric ...

  • Lillian By Design puts care into all of her pieces, offering detailed custom clothing for every occasion. Lillian's professional tailoring skills can help you

Alterations And Design Milavi (2024)


Why do alterations cost so much? ›

If it was an inexpensive garment, paying someone to alter it may not seem like a good value. Why pay $50 to alter a dress that cost $75 brand new? The answer – you're paying for the tailor's time and skill, plus materials, meetings and fittings, regardless of what you originally paid for the garment.

Are an alterations specialist and a tailor the same thing in the world of fashion and clothing? ›

In the world of fashion, these terms often get mixed up. But think of a tailor as someone who creates custom clothes from scratch, like a fashion artist. On the other hand, alterations are more like adjustments or fixes made to your existing clothes to make them fit better.

What is alteration in fashion? ›

What Does Alterations Mean? An alteration is a change made to a garment after purchase. These adjustments can be less comprehensive than the services tailors offer but are still a great way to get that custom-fitted look.

What is tailor alterations? ›

Clothing alterations refer to manageable changes that need to be made to a garment to achieve the correct fit. Alterations usually reference: Hemming. Adjusting Waists Lines.

Do you tip a tailor for alterations? ›

You do not need to tip a tailor or seamstress during your visit.

Do you have to tip for alterations? ›

Tipping seamstresses is not standard protocol. That said, anytime a talented seamstress goes above and beyond, offering a gratuity is a thoughtful gesture.

Can a tailor be called a designer? ›

So therefore, being a tailor and being a fashion designer is not the same at all. Because they both undergo different trainings and have different skills. Although they sometimes work together in a team. That is, a tailor helping a fashion designer bring multiple versions of his or her project to life.

What are the four different types of alterations? ›

Average Cost Range by Alteration Type
Type of AlterationAverage Cost Range
Hemming$10 – $30
Taking In or Letting Out$15 – $50
Patching$10 – $40
Replacing Findings (Buttons, Zippers, etc.)$8 – $20

What is a female tailor called? ›

Tailor is a gender-neutral word. But, the word seamstress refers to a woman who makes dresses.

What is alteration in design? ›

An alteration can be defined as a change that does not affect the basic character or structure of the thing it is applied to. In regard to infrastructure projects, an alteration refers to a change, which shall not necessarily affect the functionality of a system, feature or process.

What is alterations in design? ›

Alterations include, but are not limited to, remodeling, renovation, rehabilitation, reconstruction, historic restoration, resurfacing of circulation paths or vehicular ways, changes or rearrangement of the structural parts or elements, and changes or rearrangement in the plan configuration of walls and full-height ...

What do you call someone who does clothing alterations? ›

A tailor is a professional who adjusts and alters clients' clothing to their specifications or makes new clothes using a pattern or design. They can work for textile and apparel manufacturers, clothing stores with alterations departments, stylists, dry cleaners and wedding dress shops.

How long does tailoring take? ›

Depending on the changes you need, the tailoring process can take as little as a few days to as long as six weeks. Getting a fully tailored suit will typically take longer than making minor alterations to the one you already own.

Can a tailor hem jeans? ›

Yep tailors can make a whole host of adjustments to your jeans if they're too big or don't sit quite right.

Is a seamstress the same as alterations? ›

Generally, a seamstress sews clothes, fabrics and apparel for a living. A tailor works at altering clothing and apparel to fit a client/customer. They can make clothes as well and might be tasked with hemming and mending. Usually, a tailor will work more with suits and coats and even fancy dresses such as ball gowns.


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