25 Heavenly Angel Food Cake Recipes (2024)

Light on calories and big on presentation, angel food cake is one of the best warm weather desserts out there. The fluffy cake is the perfect partner to all kinds of seasonal fruits and berries, and it can wow at any affair: Stack it sky high, chop it into a trifle, bake it into cupcakes or take it up a mega notch by grilling it and even stuffing it into mason jars! So crack some egg whites and check out these 25 divine angel food cake that will soon have you singing its heavenly praises.

1. Angel Food Cake With Strawberry Sauce: Part of the beauty of angel food cake is that it’s the perfect base for whatever fruit you have on hand, whether that be strawberries, blueberries, peaches… whatever! (via Sweet and Savory by Shinee)

2. Mocha Chocolate Chip Angel Food Cake With Mocha Ganache: If you thought angel food cake was lacking a flavor punch, then you need to try this rich coffee-flavored cake topped with a decadent mocha ganache. (via Tracey’s Culinary Adventures)

3. Lemony Angel Food Cake: This sweet cake is brightened up with zesty lemon and fluffy citrus frosting. Just divine! (via Martha Stewart)

4. Angel Food Cake French Toast Sticks: Yes, angel food cake is an acceptable breakfast item, especially when dipped in egg (like French toast!) and topped with fresh fruit and whipped cream. LOTS of whipped cream! (via Rachel Schultz)

6. Grilled Angel Food Cake With Beer Macerated Strawberries: This summer, you have, have, HAVE to try grilling angel food cake! The grill marks add extra crunch and a bit of smokiness that is perfectly balanced by beer-soaked strawberries (WHAT!). (via The Beeroness)

7. Angel Sandwiches: Perfect for a warm spring day, these angel food cupcakes are cut in half, filled with smooth lemon curd and topped with lightly sweetened whipped cream. (via Dough Puncher)

8. Lemon Berry Angel Food Cake Trifle: Fresh berries layered with homemade vanilla pudding and chunks of angel food cake make this trifle an ideal entertaining centerpiece… that is, until it’s all gone! (via The Lemon Bowl)

9. Chocolate Angel Food Cake With Chocolate Whipped Cream: Sometimes you just need chocolate on chocolate. This chocolate angel food cake frosted in mounds of chocolate whipped cream perfectly fits the bill. (via Fresh)

10. Angel Food Cake With Nutella Drizzle and Mascarpone Cream: Forget those misconceptions of dry, spongy cake with a generous Nutella drizzle and a mound of mascarpone whipped cream. You know you want to! (via Cooking Classy)

11. Angel Food Layer Cake With Coconut Whipped Cream and Grapefruit Syrup: Slicing the cake into layers makes it feel just a litter richer, especially topped with coconut whipped cream and drizzled with a tart grapefruit syrup. (via How Sweet Eats)

12. Angel Food Cupcakes: These little cupcakes are dangerously adorable because you can just pop them in your mouth like candy. Just watch us. (via How Sweet Eats)

13. Key Lime Angel Food Cake: Nothing says warm weather like key lime, and this light cake has just a hint of the fresh citrus in its batter. And is topped with a lime whipped cream! (via Mother Thyme)

14. Angel Food Cake With Jasmine-Scented Berries and Cherries: Try something a little unusual by infusing your angel food cake’s fruit toppings with a floral jasmine syrup to make a fragrant dessert like no other. Oh, and DO deck out your cake with cherries and flowers! (via Daily Fix)

15. Black and White Gluten-Free Angel Food Cake: Don’t be nervous about making angel food cake from scratch, it’s really just an exercise in patience with a sweet reward at the end. Plus, by using GF flour, you can make a treat everyone can enjoy. (via Gluten Free Canteen)

16. Strawberry Tiramisu Angel Food Cake: Get ready for your mind to be blown: this is a tiramisu + strawberry stuffed angel food cake. And the best part is, there’s so much tasty filling, yet the cake is still unfathomably light. (via Lemons For Lulu)

17. Heaven and Hell Cake: Layers of naughty devil’s food cake and light angel food cake are mixed in with peanut butter filling and chocolate ganache. Oh yeah, it’s a good-bad move that’s gonna taste SO good! (via Whisk Kid)

18. Strawberries and Cream Angel Food Cake Roll: The classic combination of spongy cake and strawberry cream topping rolled to perfection is sure to impress at any summertime soiree. (via Brown Eyed Baker)

19. Brown Sugar Angel Food Cake: Brown sugar and organic flour give this cake a denser texture than the normal angel food cake, and we’re totally intrigued by the twist. (via Food Woolf)

20. Strawberry Sparkle Cake: Why should the top of the angel food cake have all the fun? Fill in the center of your cake with fresh berries for a pretty, fruity surprise. (via The Pioneer Woman)

21. Boston Cream Pie Cake: This is an entirely foolproof recipe with mega wow factor. Just slice an angel food cake into three layers, slather on vanilla pudding, and then pour a generous drizzle of chocolate ganache on top. Boom! (via Unsophisticook)

22. Strawberry Angel Food Cake Jars: Dessert on the go! Lightly sweetened whipped cream and lots of berries make this a perfectly guilt-free mid-day treat. (via Iowa Girl Eats)

23. Angel Food Cake With Blueberries: By mashing blackberries + blueberries into the whipped cream itself, you get a purple topping that looks gorgeous on the golden brown angel food cake. (via Viva La Dolce Vita)

24. Funfetti Angel Food Cake: It’s a fact that rainbow sprinkles make everything taste better, even the fluffiest of angel food cakes! (via Peanut Butter & Peppers)

25. Caramel Macchiato Angel Food Cake: Dark, rich caramel sauce is one of the best partners for the light sweetness of angel food cake. Why wait until they start serving this at a Starbucks near you?! (via Kumquat)

Do these cakes inspire you to start whipping up some egg whites? Let us know in the comments below!

Kate Thorn

Kate Thorn is an illustrator, foodie, photographer, and blogger at Create & Kate. She loves creating art, traveling, and all things chocolate. A native to the Great Northwest, she is currently living in London and pretending to be a mature grad student.

25 Heavenly Angel Food Cake Recipes (2024)


What is the secret to angel food cake? ›

Egg Whites: The star of the show! They provide all of the leavening for angel food cake. Using only whites (no yolks) gives this cake a super light texture. Be sure to use only fresh eggs; liquid egg whites in a carton have been pasteurized, which can prevent them from whipping into stiff peaks.

What happens if you overmix an angel food cake? ›

Overmixing is exactly what it sounds like: the process by which a dough or batter gets mixed too much, typically yielding dense, tough, or deflated baked goods. Overmixed doughs and batters may have an unappealing look or feel, which remain just as unappealing when they're baked.

Can you use a bundt pan for angel food cake? ›

The one thing bundt pans and tube pans have in common is their hollow center tube. It's generally advised to bake an angel food cake in a tube pan, but I have always used a bundt pan, and it works very well.

Why turn angel food cake upside down to cool? ›

Why? Until the cake is completely cooled, its spongy structure hasn't set. Flipping it upside down makes sure it doesn't collapse during that process.

Why do you tip angel food cake upside down? ›

It must be cooled UPSIDE DOWN. That's right. Because we're not using a nonstick pan or greasing the pan, the cake won't fall out. This step is crucial to prevent the cake from collapsing when cooling.

Can I use milk instead of water for angel food cake mix? ›

1) Use the same quantity of milk as water called for in the recipe. 2) You may replace the milk with buttermilk to give your cake an additional rich flavor. Use a few additional tablespoons of buttermilk than the recipe calls for because it's very thick.

Why didn t my boxed angel food cake rise? ›

A small bit of moisture or egg yolk mixed in with the egg whites, a particularly humid day, or repeatedly opening your oven can also cause the cake to not rise. Over-mixing the batter once you've added the flour is another likely culprit, mix until just combined.

What can I add to a box cake to make it taste homemade? ›

Add one to two teaspoons of a pure extract to make it taste like a from-scratch cake. Pure vanilla extract and pure almond extract are great options, but you could also try lemon extract or orange extract paired with fresh citrus zest.

Why can't you use a plastic bowl for angel food cake? ›

Use only metal or glass mixing bowls when making Angel Food Cake. Plastic or ceramic bowls retain oils which will disturb the rising process. When beating egg whites try not to under beat or over beat; egg whites should be stiff but not dry.

Can you use egg whites in a carton for angel food cake? ›

Recipe FAQs

Can I use liquid egg whites for Angel Food Cake? Because they have been pasteurized, liquid egg whites (from a carton) won't work in Angel Food Cake or other desserts like Meringue. The pasteurization process weakens the proteins in egg whites so they won't get stiff like they are supposed to.

What gives angel food cake its airy texture? ›

Angel food cake relies heavily on egg whites for its light and airy texture. The egg whites are whipped to soft foldable peaks for the ideal consistency- a balance between texture and structural properties.

Can you use glass loaf pans for angel food cake? ›

That is a great question. Here are the directions for baking our Betty Crocker Angel Food cake mix in a 13 x 9" pan. You can use metal or glass for this recipe. Happy baking!

Can you make a pound cake in an angel food cake pan? ›

Both dense and rich with a fine crumb texture, our pound cake can be made in an angel food pan, a fluted tube cake pan, or even in loaf pans. Use the pan(s) you own or borrow one from a neighbor or friend—you won't want to miss this cake.

Why does angel food cake need a hole in the middle? ›

The hole in the middle of the pan allows the hot air to circulate and reach the center of the cake. Unlike most cakes that are simply placed on a wire rack to cool, Angel Food Cakes are immediately inverted so the baked cake will maintain its volume and to keep it from shrinking as it cools.

What pan is best for angel food cake? ›

The Wilton Angel Food Cake Pan is a top option for even heat distribution and even baking every time.


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