108 Names of Lord Shiva With Meanings - Shiva Ashtothram - Stillchemy (2024)

Posted On November 27, 2023

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Gods have several names because devotees prefer to call the Almighty by different names based on their perception of him, and the varied names of a certain God also serve to describe his nature, capabilities, qualities and role. Many times, these names are used during the ‘japa’ of that particular God, which means, devotees say/recite those names during prayer, worship or meditation.

108 Names of Lord Shiva With Meanings - Shiva Ashtothram - Stillchemy (1)

Here we give you the 108 names of Lord Shiva with their meanings. Some of Lord Shiva’s names give an insight into his nature, some describe his appearance, while others honour his qualities and deeds.

108 Names of Lord Shiva In English and Their Meanings

1. Shiva: Pure

2. Maheshwara: Lord of Gods

3. Shambhava: One who gives prosperity

4. Pinakin: One who has a bow in his hand

108 Names of Lord Shiva With Meanings - Shiva Ashtothram - Stillchemy (2)

5. Shashishekhara: One who wears the crescent moon in his hair

6. Vamadeva: One who is pleasing and auspicious

7. Virupaksha: Lord Shiva with oblique eyes

8. Kapardi: Lord Shiva with matted hair

9. Nila-lohita: One with red and blue colour

10. Shankara: One who gives joy and prosperity

11. Shulapani: One who carries a trident

12. Khatvangi: One who carries a knurled club

13. Vishnuvallabha: One who is dear to Lord Vishnu

14. Shipivishta: One who emits rays of light

15. Ambikanath: Consort of Ambika

16. Shrikantha: One with a glorious neck

17. Bhaktavatsala: One who is inclined towards his devotees

18. Bhava: The God who is existence itself

19. Sharva: Remover of troubles

20. Trilokesha: Lord of three worlds

21. sh*tikantha: One with a white neck

108 Names of Lord Shiva With Meanings - Shiva Ashtothram - Stillchemy (3)

22. Shivapriya: Beloved of Parvati

23. Ugra: One with a fierce nature

24. Kapali: One who wears a necklace of skulls

25. Kamaree: Enemy of Kamadev

26. Andhakarsurasudan: One who killed the demon Andhaka

27. Gangadhar: One who holds the Ganges river in his hair

28. Lalataksha: One who has an eye in his forehead

29. Kalakala: One who is the death of Deaths

30. Krupanidhi: God who is the treasure of compassion

31. Bhima: One who has a fearful form

32. Parashuhasta: One who holds an axe in his hands

33. Mrugapani: One who has a deer in his hands

108 Names of Lord Shiva With Meanings - Shiva Ashtothram - Stillchemy (4)

34. Jatadhara: One who keeps a tress

35. Kailasvasi: One who is native to Kailash

36. Kavachi: God with an armour

37. Kathor: God with a strong body

38. Tripurantak: God who killed Tripurasura

39. Vrishanka: One who has a flag with a symbol of a bull

40. Vrushabharudha: One who rides a bull

41. Bhasmodhulitavigraha: One who applies ashes all over his body

42. Samapriya: One who loves with equality

43. Swaramayi: God who lives in all seven notes

44. Trayimurti: One who possesses veda form

45. Anishwara: One who does not have any Lord

46. Sarvadnya: One who knows everything

47. Paramatma: Everyone’s own soul

48. Somasuryagnilochan: One who has eyes in the form of sun, moon and fire

49. Havi: One who is wealthy in the form of ahuti

50. Yadnyamaya: Architect of all sacrificial rights

51. Soma: One who includes the form of Uma

52. Panchavaktraya: God of five activities

53. Sadashiva: One who is eternally auspicious

108 Names of Lord Shiva With Meanings - Shiva Ashtothram - Stillchemy (5)

54. Vishveshwara: Lord of the universe

55. Virabhadra: One who is violent yet peaceful

56. Gananath: God of the Ganas

57. Prajapati: Creator of dynasty

58. Hiranyareta: One who emanates golden souls

59. Durdharsha: One who is unconquerable

108 Names of Lord Shiva With Meanings - Shiva Ashtothram - Stillchemy (6)

60. Gireesh: Lord of Mountains

61. Girish: God who sleeps on mountain Kailash

62. Anagha: One who is pure

63. Bhujangbhushana: One who is adorned with golden snakes

64. Bharga: Destroyer of sins

65. Giridhanva: God whose weapon is a mountain

66. Giripriya: Lord who is fond of mountains

67. Krittivasa: God who wears clothes of elephant skin

68. Purarati: Destroyer of the enemy named Pura

69. Bhagvan: God of prosperity

70. Pramathadhip: God served by goblins

108 Names of Lord Shiva With Meanings - Shiva Ashtothram - Stillchemy (7)

71. Mrityunjaya: Victor of death

72. Sookshmatanu: God with a subtle body

73. Jagadvyapi: God who encompasses the world

74. Jagadguru: Guru of all worlds

75. Vyomakesha: One whose hair spreads in the sky

76. Mahasenajanaka: Father of Kartikeya

77. Charuvikrama: Guardian of wandering pilgrims

78. Rudra: One who is saddened by the pain of devotees

79. Bhootapati: Lord of Panchamahabhoota (five elements of nature)

80. Sthaanu: Firm and immovable

81. Ahirbudhnya: One who possesses kundalini

82. Digambara: God whose robes are the cosmos

83. Ashtamurti: Lord who has 8 forms

84. Anekatma: God who has many forms

85. Satvika: Lord of boundless energy

86. Shuddhavigraha: Lord of pure soul

87. Shashvata: Eternal, endless

88. Khandaparashu: Lord who wears the broken axe

89. Aja: One who is boundless

90. Pashvimochana: Lord who releases all fetters

91. Mridaya: Lord who shows mercy

92. Pashupati: Lord of animals

93. Dev: Lord of devas

108 Names of Lord Shiva With Meanings - Shiva Ashtothram - Stillchemy (8)

94. Mahadev: Greatest of the gods

95. Avyaya: One who is never subject to change

96. Hari: Same as Lord Vishnu

97. Bhagnetrabhida: Lord who damaged Bhaga’s eyes

98. Avyakta: Shiva who is unseen

99. Dakshadhvarahara: Destroyer of Daksha’s sacrifice

100. Hara: Lord who dissolves all bondages and sins

101. Pushadantabhita: One who punished Pushan

102. Avyagra: One who is steady and unwavering

103. Sahastraksha: One who has limitless forms

104. Sahastrapaada: One who is standing and walking everywhere (one with a thousand feet)

105. Apavargaprada: One who gives and takes all things

106. Ananta: One who is unending

107. Taraka: Great liberator of mankind

108. Parameshwara: The great god

This was a list of the 108 names of Lord Shiva. You may use them during japa or while performing puja of this deity. Which name would you prefer to call Him?

Whether you find solace in chanting the omnipotent ‘Pashupati,’ connecting with the transcendent ‘Mahadeva,’ or seeking the unwavering presence of ‘Avyaya,’ each name resonates with a unique energy.

Just as the Shiva Purana unfolds the grandeur of 1008 names, in your spiritual journey, perhaps you’ll discover the perfect trio – whispering ‘Hara,’ invoking the liberating essence of ‘Shambho,’ and surrendering to the supreme ‘Adiyogi.” In the realm of devotion, the names are not just syllables; they are pathways to a profound connection with the divine.

Sri Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali For Chanting

Reciting the Shiva AshtotTara Shatanamavali, consisting of the 108 names of Lord Shiva, is believed to bestow numerous benefits upon devotees. By fervently chanting these sacred names, individuals can invoke the blessings and protection of Lord Shiva. The practice serves as a potent means to purify the mind, dispel negative energies, and foster spiritual growth.

1. ōṃ śivāya namaḥ

2. ōṃ mahēśvarāya namaḥ

3. ōṃ śambhavē namaḥ

4. ōṃ pinākinē namaḥ

5. ōṃ śaśiśēkharāya namaḥ

6. ōṃ vāmadēvāya namaḥ

7. ōṃ virūpākṣāya namaḥ

8. ōṃ kapardinē namaḥ

9. ōṃ nīlalōhitāya namaḥ

10. ōṃ śaṅkarāya namaḥ

11. ōṃ śūlapāṇayē namaḥ

12. ōṃ khaṭvāṅginē namaḥ

13. ōṃ viṣṇuvallabhāya namaḥ

14. ōṃ śipiviṣṭāya namaḥ

15. ōṃ ambikānāthāya namaḥ

16. ōṃ śrīkaṇṭhāya namaḥ

17. ōṃ bhaktavatsalāya namaḥ

18. ōṃ bhavāya namaḥ

19. ōṃ śarvāya namaḥ

20. ōṃ trilōkēśāya namaḥ

21. ōṃ śitikaṇṭhāya namaḥ

22. ōṃ śivāpriyāya namaḥ

23. ōṃ ugrāya namaḥ

24. ōṃ kapālinē namaḥ

25. ōṃ kāmārayē namaḥ

26. ōṃ andhakāsura sūdanāya namaḥ

27. ōṃ gaṅgādharāya namaḥ

28. ōṃ lalāṭākṣāya namaḥ

29. ōṃ kālakālāya namaḥ

30. ōṃ kṛpānidhayē namaḥ

31. ōṃ bhīmāya namaḥ

32. ōṃ paraśuhastāya namaḥ

33. ōṃ mṛgapāṇayē namaḥ

34. ōṃ jaṭādharāya namaḥ

35. ōṃ kailāsavāsinē namaḥ

36. ōṃ kavachinē namaḥ

37. ōṃ kaṭhōrāya namaḥ

38. ōṃ tripurāntakāya namaḥ

39. ōṃ vṛṣāṅkāya namaḥ

40. ōṃ vṛṣabhārūḍhāya namaḥ

41. ōṃ bhasmōddhūḻita vigrahāya namaḥ

42. ōṃ sāmapriyāya namaḥ

43. ōṃ svaramayāya namaḥ

44. ōṃ trayīmūrtayē namaḥ

45. ōṃ anīśvarāya namaḥ

46. ōṃ sarvajñāya namaḥ

47. ōṃ paramātmanē namaḥ

48. ōṃ sōmasūryāgni lōchanāya namaḥ

49. ōṃ haviṣē namaḥ

50. ōṃ yajñamayāya namaḥ

51. ōṃ sōmāya namaḥ

52. ōṃ pañchavaktrāya namaḥ

53. ōṃ sadāśivāya namaḥ

54. ōṃ viśvēśvarāya namaḥ

55. ōṃ vīrabhadrāya namaḥ

56. ōṃ gaṇanāthāya namaḥ

57. ōṃ prajāpatayē namaḥ

58. ōṃ hiraṇyarētasē namaḥ

59. ōṃ durdharṣāya namaḥ

60. ōṃ girīśāya namaḥ

61. ōṃ giriśāya namaḥ

62. ōṃ anaghāya namaḥ

63. ōṃ bhujaṅga bhūṣaṇāya namaḥ

64. ōṃ bhargāya namaḥ

65. ōṃ giridhanvanē namaḥ

66. ōṃ giripriyāya namaḥ

67. ōṃ kṛttivāsasē namaḥ

68. ōṃ purārātayē namaḥ

69. ōṃ bhagavatē namaḥ

70. ōṃ pramathādhipāya namaḥ

71. ōṃ mṛtyuñjayāya namaḥ

72. ōṃ sūkṣmatanavē namaḥ

73. ōṃ jagadvyāpinē namaḥ

74. ōṃ jagadguravē namaḥ

75. ōṃ vyōmakēśāya namaḥ

76. ōṃ mahāsēna janakāya namaḥ

77. ōṃ chāruvikramāya namaḥ

78. ōṃ rudrāya namaḥ

79. ōṃ bhūtapatayē namaḥ

80. ōṃ sthāṇavē namaḥ

81. ōṃ ahirbudhnyāya namaḥ

82. ōṃ digambarāya namaḥ

83. ōṃ aṣṭamūrtayē namaḥ

84. ōṃ anēkātmanē namaḥ

85. ōṃ svāttvikāya namaḥ

86. ōṃ śuddhavigrahāya namaḥ

87. ōṃ śāśvatāya namaḥ

88. ōṃ khaṇḍaparaśavē namaḥ

89. ōṃ ajāya namaḥ

90. ōṃ pāśavimōchakāya namaḥ

91. ōṃ mṛḍāya namaḥ

92. ōṃ paśupatayē namaḥ

93. ōṃ dēvāya namaḥ

94. ōṃ mahādēvāya namaḥ

95. ōṃ avyayāya namaḥ

96. ōṃ harayē namaḥ

97. ōṃ pūṣadantabhidē namaḥ

98. ōṃ avyagrāya namaḥ

99. ōṃ dakṣādhvaraharāya namaḥ

100. ōṃ harāya namaḥ

101. ōṃ bhaganētrabhidē namaḥ

102. ōṃ avyaktāya namaḥ

103. ōṃ sahasrākṣāya namaḥ

104. ōṃ sahasrapādē namaḥ

105. ōṃ apavargapradāya namaḥ

106. ōṃ anantāya namaḥ

107. ōṃ tārakāya namaḥ

108. ōṃ paramēśvarāya namaḥ

Please click to download the printable PDF version of the Shiva Ashtottara Shatanamavali.

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108 Names of Lord Shiva With Meanings - Shiva Ashtothram - Stillchemy (2024)


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